Torture Killing Me Softly

Torture Killing Me Softly by Tek Nath Rizal
Book: Torture Killing Me Softly
Author: Tek Nath Rizal, Human Rights Leader, Bhutan
Publishers: Human Rights Without Frontiers Nepal & Group for International Solidarity
Publication Year: September 2009
ISBN: 978-9937-2-1732-3

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Publisher’s Note

This publication highlights the sadistic mind control torture used along-side other physical torture in Bhutan. The first-hand account of torture by Mr Rizal should be a prima facie evidence to prosecute the king of Bhutan in the international criminal courts for committing crimes against humanity. This book inspires all the human rights community to stand together to lobby against the cruel, inhuman degrading technology. I hope this book will be milestone to advocate the new forms of torture through mind control.

Questions are obvious for the UN experts for failing to feel the need to formulate a separate treaty against this practice when they have already prepared dozens of treaties in different specialised issues to protect human rights. The UN should take initiative to make people aware of such degrading technology for the prevention of miserable human suffering and discourage the practice before it goes uncontrollable. This pace of ‘lazy approach’ will be costlier than many lives if legal instruments are not built to ban the practice.

Preface from Author

Spending ten years of my life in the most degrading and inhuman conditions of the Bhutanese prisons, I made a considered decision to share my experiences with the rest of the world. The primary objective behind writing this text is to reveal the other side of the so-called last Shangri-La, where ethnic cleansing is being practiced as a state policy, in the name of maintaining cultural purity. To silence any criticism from the international community, the regime continues to resort to an untenable excuse that such cleansing it is being done to flush out terrorists from its southern part.
The nature, extent and magnitude of mental and physical tortures inflicted upon hundreds of citizens in the Bhutanese prisons and virtually throughout the nation on a daily basis, came to the knowledge of the world community in 1990. The destructive methods invented and employed by the rulers are efforts solely aimed at crushing the human spirit and shackling liberty and are virtually the crime against humanity. Should the ruler of a member state of the United Nations remain scot-free for such actions which are so blatantly contrary to the principles, letter and spirit of the United Nations?

Torture was not confined to primitive physical assault by using whips, clamps, chains, ropes and giving electric shocks but also involved application of various scientific devices like light sensitivity, very high sound decibels, microwaves on my conscience. The objective was clear: destabilize the mind, induce anomalous behavioural changes and create dissociation. A combination of sensory isolation and beaming different kinds of energy in the brain were used to procure the desired result. Systematic efforts were made to destroy completely my senses but my deeper sub-conscious remained alive inside me. This has been instrumental in my post-torture mental reconstruction process, owing to which I have recollected myself to share my experiences with the world.

The narration of my experiences to close friends and colleagues in Thimphu, Kathmandu and Delhi has been taken with a pinch of salt and some of them called me schizophrenic. Intellectuals and doctors, approached by me, flatly denied the possibility of what I narrated to them, due to lack of evidence.

The subject of mind-control has been kept under carpet by the concerned states; hence most of the people are not aware of it. Records and personal accounts of torture, identical to my experiences, are also available. Through this text I strongly suggest that the torture inflicted on me through scientific techniques is solely responsible for my bizarre physical and mental behaviour. This account should also serve as a starting point for all – in particular for researchers to adopt methods of detecting such torture in victims, for human rights activists to formulate tools to stop such unethical practice and for law makers to award stiff penalties to the perpetrators of such crimes.

Mind Control Device – Prof. Dr. Indrajit Rai

Being a professor of War Studies, I found, during my military research, the mind-control technique applied to the war prisoners. It is an electromagnetic mind-control technique which can take full control of the person’s body and mind permanently. It uses modulated microwave to produce audible voices in the person’s head. It is in the form of subliminal hypnotic command and the victim can be hypnotically programmed for years without knowing.

Thoughts are implanted in the victim’s mind without letting him know. In microwave hearing, nobody can hear the voices except the targeted individual. The sound reverberates in the target’s ear monotonously. In a solitary cell the high pitched sound gets amplified. Slowly it stirs the unconscious layer of the mind and deeply affects the nerves.

The motive of mind-control is to destroy the targeted person’s life. He digresses from his goal, forgets his mission, behaves strangely with his family members and relatives and can’t follow his routine life. It is used, by losing control of his mind, to elicit the required information from the prisoner as it hypnotizes him.

As a result, the mind works under hallucination that the victim sees different images in his mind which are implanted by the controller. It inflicts pain when he tries to divert the mind from the control. It causes breathing difficulties, terrible headaches, and high blood pressure, nose-bleeding and unbearable burning sensation while urinating. It makes one undergo deep hallucinations of dying, encountering ferocious tiger, eating flesh of one’s own children and so on. Sometimes, he feels the food smelling noxious and it tastes like faeces which causes vomiting sensation and nausea. I learned from those books that the Bhutanese government practiced mind-control techniques on Mr. Rizal as a means to inflict physical and mental pain in order to destroy his life. With a view to deviating him from his goal of fighting for democracy, the Bhutanese government used these devices on him and pumped out all his thoughts and feelings. From the experiences of such victim it reveals that there is an acute need to take extra care in handling them as their mind are highly destabilized they always feel loneliest most insecure totally helpless and living in permanent terror and fear of unknown.
(Rai is a Security Expert & Member of Constituent Assembly, Nepal)

What the book is about?

The book is a vivid image and recall of mind controlling tactics the Bhutanese government has been using for political prisoners. The author, who spent a decade in the Bhutanese jail, has well spoken of all such controlling measures.

Tek Nath Rijal recounts tale oftorture in Bhutan jail (THT Book Review) : Tek Nath Rijal, the veteran refugee leader of Bhutanese democratic movement, can hardly sleep these days. He, now, lives in Kathmandu. Many unusual and inhuman things, which he experienced during the two-decade movement, haunt him most of the time. He still believes that ‘cruel’ Bhutanese authorities are controlling his mind even today through a mind control device, a scientific electronic device. (Read Full Review)