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Bhutan in Real Sense

Very desperately, we have to say that mainly India and the western world persuaded king Jigme assuming his steps as sacrifice to the people of Bhutan. The western world might have taken king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a role model. But, king Jigme and Bhutan can’t be compared with such a Middle East power block in politico-economic terms. Bhutan remained aloof for dozen of decades from the outer world and so was the political structure, economic activities, civic life and issues of government-citizen relations. For decades, the kingdom home to only six hundred thousand people, has been the adobe of interest by social scientists, independent journalists and even the natural scientists.

Published on Oct 31 2010 // Opinion

Eve teasing, taxi-drivers in top list

It might seem a little outlandish to find women, especially in Thimphu, carrying chili powder or tiny Swiss knives with their cosmetics in their handbags these days. While they carry make-up sets to apply on their faces from time to time to accentuate the way they look, chili powder and knives are reserved to keep […]

Published on Jul 27 2010 // News Analysis

Rizal appeals SAARC leaders

April 16, 2009: Human rights leader Tek Nath Rizal has appealed the SAARC member countries to take up the issue of exiled Bhutanese during the upcoming SAARC summit in Thimphu. Bhutan will host the 16th summit in Thimphu on April 28-29 for the first time since the inception of this regional organization some two and […]

Published on Apr 16 2010 // Main News

Preparations for SAARC summit in full swing

March 15, 2010: Preparations for the upcoming 16th SAARC summit in Thimphu are in full swing since last few weeks with ministries, corporations, private companies and individuals joining hands with the government. The government targets to complete most of the works by end this month. The Thimphu City Corporation launched massive cleaning campaigning in the […]

Published on Mar 15 2010 // Main News

Karma Ura leaves NC

A veteran writer vice Chairman of the National Council, Upper House, Karma Ura has resigned from the post owing to health conditions

Published on Jul 06 2009 // Main News

New Spay/Neuter Program in Bhutan

After two years of discussion, Humane Society International has announced the beginning of a nationwide spay neuter program in Bhutan

Published on Jul 03 2009 // Main News

NC will go live, NA not

The Houses in the parliament have different perspectives on right to information and public view of the parliament proceedings. The debate continues till the parliament session began Friday amid special function in capital. As per the preliminary decisions, BBS TV will not be allowed to broadcast live the third session of the National Assembly

Published on Jun 27 2009 // Media Monitor

A school for textile and fashion

Royal family has initiated construction of a textile school in the country within the next five years, which will also incorporate yarn dyeing and modern fashion and design besides traditional weaving

Published on Jun 08 2009 // Main News

First disc golf course starts this week

Disc Golf Bhutan will introduce a new game for Bhutanese – disc golf – this week, as its founders plan to open the course in Thimphu

Published on Jun 08 2009 // Main News

Meat ban is in force: BAFRA

Within few months the government announced to lift ban on sales of meat during holy Buddhist months, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) said the ban would continue

Published on May 21 2009 // Main News