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Recurring Reassurances

Prime Minister Thinley’s fluctuating remarks, from labelling all refugees as ‘illegal immigrants’ to his recent statement that some are indeed genuine Bhutanese, also reflect a nebulous approach. In 1992, at an international conference on Bhutan in London, Thinley, then home secretary, presented a paper in which he defended his government’s position against southern Bhutanese, labelling them as illegal immigrants. During the recent visit, Thinley’s delegation in Kathmandu was accompanied by Khandu Wangchuck, minister for economic and foreign affairs, who in 2006 called the refugees ‘readymade terrorists’. Such backgrounding certainly makes one wonder whether, instead of waiting for another round of talks to materialise, refugees should ponder third-country resettlement, launched by the UN’s refugee agency in 2007 […]

Published on Apr 21 2011 // Opinion

Government of Bhutan created refugees

BY DR. BHAMPA RAI: Instead of hearing to their appeal, the Royal government chose to militarize the region launching brutal method of crackdown, following intimidation, arbitrary arrest, torture and killing in makeshift detention cells.  Schools were converted into interrogation centers, while women were raped, houses were zeroed to ashes and valuable documents confiscated alongside the militarization of villages and towns. In such dreaded state of affairs, those affected Bhutanese people had to flee the country for their lives.  Their relatives and others, who decided to remain behind too were coerced into signing voluntary migration forms at the gun point and finally evicted from their homeland.

Published on Oct 13 2010 // Opinion

Photo essay: refugees from Bhutan

In Bhutan, a Himalayan country famed for its focus on Gross National Happiness, the Nepalese minority has been forced out. Anna Husarska traveled to their refugee camps to document their plight Born in Bhutan, a Himalayan country of less than a million inhabitants, this woman will probably never again see her homeland; this photo was […]

Published on Nov 20 2009 // News Analysis

Several huts blown off by windy rain

Several dozens of bamboo huts in camps were blown off by incessant rain, which appeared in the eastern region since a week

Published on May 28 2009 // Main News

UNHCR, donors reps visit camps

Chief of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Nepal Daisy Dell, accompanied by chief donor representatives toured the Bhutanese refugee camps in Jhapa and Morang districts on Wednesday

Published on May 21 2009 // Main News

‘Too early to say Bhutan has press freedom’

A Bhutanese journalist working with a weekly newspaper published from Thimphu said it would be too early to say that Bhutan has press freedom even after the country adopted constitution and changed its politics from absolute monarchy to parliamentary democracy last year

Published on May 03 2009 // Media Monitor

Noble way of flourishing Buddhism

Bhutan, which used brutal measures to protect Drukpa Kagyu sub-sect of Buddhism, has not finally found a noble way to make it popular – including Buddhism in national curriculum

Published on May 01 2009 // Main News

UNHCR Nepal chief assures continued assistance

Chief of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Nepal Daisy Dell has assured that she would leave no stone unturned in assisting exiled Bhutanese living in Nepal

Published on Apr 10 2009 // Main News

Building village-camp relations

Representatives from exiled Bhutanese community living in UNHCR administered camps in Beldangi and local residents have started building measure to warm up relations

Published on Mar 26 2009 // Main News

Some 1,850 appearing SLC

1,850 out of 2051 exiled Bhutanese students of Class X from seven camps in Jhapa and Morang sat for their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations on Wednesday

Published on Mar 26 2009 // Main News