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Depening democracy: paradoxical Paro conference

Bhutan hosted the three day international conference on “Deepening and Sustaining democracy” (12-14 Oct), jointly organized by the Center for Bhutan studies and UNDP. It should be a matter of pride for the government of Bhutan to hold such magnanimous conference with a bit of experience on democracy. But for the SAARC region it is […]

Published on Oct 31 2009 // News Analysis

PM’s first annual report at the parliament

The third parliament session began in capital Friday where King Jigme Khesar was present followed by report presentation by Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley, the first annual report on the state of the nation since the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa government came into power

Published on Jun 27 2009 // Main News

Democracy in Bhutan: a silver lining

‘Democracy is the government by the people, for the people and of the people,’ a definition taught at school level rings in my mind. It was the ICSC curriculum of Indian history and civics taught in Bhutan that gave a cursory knowledge of democracy to younger generation of Bhutan. Had it not been for the […]

Published on May 18 2009 // Commentary

Alarms ring of glacial floods

Last year, when environmentalists gathered in Thimphu, they had warned of outburst and flood out of glacial lakes in Bhutan, which has begun to show hints now

Published on May 01 2009 // Main News

PM roars again against corruption

Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley roars for zero tolerance on corruption, but the country continues to see the increasing instances of corruption and malpractices

Published on Apr 28 2009 // Main News

Health gathering begins, telemedicine facility launched

The three-day annual national gathering of the doctors and medical staffs from across the country began in Thimphu on Thursday. Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley inaugurated the conference

Published on Apr 17 2009 // Main News

Royal Democracy in Bhutan: Steps Ahead Against the Current

A year of democratic practices in Bhutan has brought numerous reforms and left almost no stones unturned to demystify the suspicion of throne-gifted democracy. To begin with, the election of 20 members for the upper house, later, five deputed by the monarch, formally lifted the ban on the word ‘democracy”. Then, the royal cabinet divided […]

Published on Apr 16 2009 // Commentary

Determining boss of geog

The debate is currently in table, who will hold the authority of decision at geog level – is it the gup or the geog administrative officer (GAO)? About 205 gups from around the country have converged in the capital to discuss and resolve the issue, determine the boss of the geog

Published on Apr 15 2009 // Main News

Change: that’s what PM says always

Change, change and change. That’s what has been the popular chestnut for Prim Minister Jigmi Y Thinley since he entered politics as appointed minister for foreign affairs in 1998.

Published on Apr 13 2009 // Main News

PM turns friendly to media, finally

In his first ‘meet the press’ while celebrating 100 days in power, Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley was fierce against media saying they only criticized the government

Published on Apr 11 2009 // Media Monitor