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A Mother’s Long Journey – III

Whether or not peaceful-and-democratic movements would be launched in Bhutan someday in future, she has already started making cash deposit in her bank account to contribute for the cause. She has almost saved around one hundred thousand Kroner (equivalent to 15,918 US dollar) about which she has already informed the Norwegian authorities as well. “I […]

Published on Jun 01 2009 // News Analysis

Several huts blown off by windy rain

Several dozens of bamboo huts in camps were blown off by incessant rain, which appeared in the eastern region since a week

Published on May 28 2009 // Main News

Building village-camp relations

Representatives from exiled Bhutanese community living in UNHCR administered camps in Beldangi and local residents have started building measure to warm up relations

Published on Mar 26 2009 // Main News

Fire awareness program in Beldangi

Camp Management Committee of Beldangi II and Beldangi II Extension camps have jointly organized awareness program about possible fire hazards in dry seasons

Published on Mar 26 2009 // Main News

Some 1,850 appearing SLC

1,850 out of 2051 exiled Bhutanese students of Class X from seven camps in Jhapa and Morang sat for their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations on Wednesday

Published on Mar 26 2009 // Main News

Aftermath of the Beldangi fire

Police authority in Damak has decided to file a case against one person who was arrested on suspicion of having links for recent fire in Beldangi-II camp

Published on Mar 20 2009 // Main News