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Keep Talking. This is democracy

I happened to be in Delhi through out the Anna Hazare saga. The usual summer heat was not too bad but what was really heating up the city was the protest against graft and corruption led by this unassuming man – Anna Hazare. Public protest is a part of democracy. It is how eventually a […]

Published on Sep 07 2011 // News Analysis

Government of Bhutan created refugees

BY DR. BHAMPA RAI: Instead of hearing to their appeal, the Royal government chose to militarize the region launching brutal method of crackdown, following intimidation, arbitrary arrest, torture and killing in makeshift detention cells.  Schools were converted into interrogation centers, while women were raped, houses were zeroed to ashes and valuable documents confiscated alongside the militarization of villages and towns. In such dreaded state of affairs, those affected Bhutanese people had to flee the country for their lives.  Their relatives and others, who decided to remain behind too were coerced into signing voluntary migration forms at the gun point and finally evicted from their homeland.

Published on Oct 13 2010 // Opinion

New building for BBS TV

The state-owned Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) Corporation has now shifted its television unit to a new building in Thimphu constructed at the cost of Nu 194 million

Published on Jun 03 2009 // Media Monitor

Bhutan seeks India’s support to build toilets

Bhutan, which rests heavily on India for development, has now sought from this largest democracy to build toilets in the capital city

Published on May 24 2009 // Main News

Target set for 2020: 11576 MW

India has agreed to buy over 11,000 MW of hydropower from Bhutan in the next 11 years and the two countries have reached an agreement to this effect

Published on Mar 25 2009 // Main News

Indian Socialist to back Bhutan’s democratic struggle

An Indian leader said they support the two-decade long struggle by the Bhutanese people for establishment of democracy and human rights in Bhutan

Published on Mar 24 2009 // Main News

Car rally arrives Thimphu

The Indo-Bhutan Friendship Car rally, that started in Siliguri in India reached Thimphu on Friday afternoon

Published on Mar 07 2009 // Main News

Indo-Bhutan car rally starts

The second India-Bhutan friendship car rally started at Siliguri in West Bengal on Wednesday, delayed by two days of the earlier schedule

Published on Mar 05 2009 // Main News

‘Bhutan Hydel plants not cause of erosion in India’

Rejecting the allegations from the Assam government and local newspapers, the government of India said flood in Assam is not because of the hydro power projects in Bhutan

Published on Feb 25 2009 // Main News

MPs in Delhi to learn democracy

As India continues democratic sensitization of the Bhutanese leadership, 11 National Council members have been invited to New Delhi for parliamentary meeting with Indian lawmakers

Published on Feb 24 2009 // Main News