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Gelephu: developing as center of attraction

January 04, 2009: After years of neglect, the Bhutanese bureaucracy, political circle and the business community are finally realizing the economic potentiality of the southern border towns, and in general that of the south. Almost three decades of hatred had almost ruined this potentiality. Revising it takes another few years, after which southern Bhutan many […]

Published on Jan 04 2010 // Main News

Business in India affects business in Bhutan

January 03, 2009: It is regular news that political instability and strikes in neighboring states have affected businesses, travel and lives in Bhutan. But normal situation in Indian states also started creating problems in Bhutan. The massive flow of cheap Chinese goods into Indian market has attracted Bhutanese buyers as well. Since Bhutan does not […]

Published on Jan 03 2010 // Main News

Milk demand falls in Gelephu

Continued fall in demand for milk in southern border town Gelephu has hindered the earning of the local farmers

Published on Jun 04 2009 // Main News

Land price likely to skyrocket

The land price in Bhutan is certain to skyrocket with government, during the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, increasing the compensation to land acquisition by almost 20 fold

Published on Apr 18 2009 // Main News

A boy killed in road accident

A young boy has been killed and two other seriously injured in a road accident at Bhur of Sarpang April 5. Driver has been charged under Penal Code for the accident

Published on Apr 09 2009 // Main News

Tsirang sees problem, opportunity together

For the Tsirang residents, problems and opportunities seem to have arrived simultaneously that confused them how to make best use of the both without knowing what future prospects they have carried in

Published on Mar 30 2009 // Main News

High hopes in avian industry

The government has not planned for any new airline, neither has invited private sector to submit proposal nor the private sector has show interest but plan for it but construction of local airports in the country is in top of the agenda list

Published on Mar 21 2009 // Main News

Agriculture minister visits south-eastern districts

Agriculture Minister Dr. Pema Gyamtsho completed his tour to south-eastern district last week with the view to get first hand information on living standards and agricultural practices of the farmers

Published on Feb 18 2009 // Main News