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Keep Talking. This is democracy

I happened to be in Delhi through out the Anna Hazare saga. The usual summer heat was not too bad but what was really heating up the city was the protest against graft and corruption led by this unassuming man – Anna Hazare. Public protest is a part of democracy. It is how eventually a […]

Published on Sep 07 2011 // News Analysis

Bhutan in Real Sense

Very desperately, we have to say that mainly India and the western world persuaded king Jigme assuming his steps as sacrifice to the people of Bhutan. The western world might have taken king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a role model. But, king Jigme and Bhutan can’t be compared with such a Middle East power block in politico-economic terms. Bhutan remained aloof for dozen of decades from the outer world and so was the political structure, economic activities, civic life and issues of government-citizen relations. For decades, the kingdom home to only six hundred thousand people, has been the adobe of interest by social scientists, independent journalists and even the natural scientists.

Published on Oct 31 2010 // Opinion

A real quest

BY IP ADHIKARI : To my understanding, this is another testimony of leaders fighting against a tyranny – a passionate and consistent fight against all odds. Bhutan has so far been in mission to bamboozle the world community to tag us terrorists and anti nationals. It’s in mission to tell the world that all those demanding democracy and human rights in Bhutan are working against national interest and that Bhutan has not committed any human rights violations or tortured any activists

Published on Oct 20 2010 // Opinion

A real quest

Dear T Penjore I am delighted to read your book Quest for Democracy – against all odds, the first book on Bhutan I read after migrating to Australia early last month. It helped me a lot to revive my passion for democracy and rather worked as a refresher in an alien land where I am […]

Published on Oct 14 2010 // News Analysis

Democracy dialogue begins in Paro

October 12, 2009: Only a year old, and in fabricated form, in multi-party practice, Bhutan leads a democracy dialogue in Asia with the beginning of a seminar in Paro today. The three-day conference, attended by some foreign scholars, cabinet ministers and members of parliament from the SAARC and BIMSTEC region and representatives of civil society, […]

Published on Oct 12 2009 // Main News

Bhutanese definition of human rights

In less than a year they adopted the democratic pattern of governance, which was in demand since 1950 in this country, the ‘experts’ who dined under the absolute rule of monarchy have defined what human rights is called in their terms

Published on Feb 24 2009 // Main News