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Open doors for repatriation

The Government of Bhutan mercilessly evicted its citizens and still the world has not effectively challenged its inhuman activities. It is an insult to United Nations as Bhutan has openly abused the ‘Human Rights’ as declared by UN on this day of 10th December. It is equally regrettable to realize that the Bhutanese citizens are compelled to struggle for the most basic human values even form the 21st computerized century[…]

Published on Dec 11 2011 // Opinion

Buddha Air all set to connect Paro

Buddha Air, a leading domestic airline better known for mountain flights in Nepal, has done all preparations to make its foray commencing direct flight from Kathmandu to Paro in Bhutan from August 23.

According to a statement issued by the airline

Published on Aug 06 2010 // Main News

My attachment with Bhutan

I have my sentimental and emotional attachment with Bhutan. The reason behind this is I was there in Bhutan long time ago to set the foundation of democratic movement in the country. I am not yet able to forget that history. That has left a set back on me. Like Tek Nath Rizal, even BP […]

Published on Mar 21 2010 // Commentary

Reporting death and life

 It was 5:30 am. The darkest hour before the dawn happens just at this time. Outside the thatched little bamboo hut in a refugee camp, it was pitch dark, but still calm. On a cool February 20 morning like this, nothing suggested that the peace of the camp residents had been devastated by, yet another […]

Published on Mar 14 2010 // Opinion

Resettled Bhutanese join Gutterres to celebrate refugee day

Washington DC (USA), June 22: The Bhutanese citizens, Khagendra Baral and wife,Ganga spoke on behalf of fellow-Bhutanese at a gathering at National geographic Society ,Grosvenor Auditorium on the occasion of World Refugee Day on June 18. Khagendra (left) with the UNHCR good-will ambassador (middle) and his wife, Ganga “We were invited to give a small presentation […]

Published on Jun 22 2009 // Main News

One shot dead in Beldangi I (Breaking News)

Breaking News Beldangi-I, April 21: An unidentified gunman fired four rounds of bullets and killed Shanti Ram Nepal, 56, of Beldangi-I camp, B-2/155 around 8:45 PM today. Both, the camp secretary TB Gurung and the camp-based Armed Police Force (APF) confirmed the casualty this evening. “There is no security for refugees in camps”, said Gurung, […]

Published on Apr 21 2009 // Main News