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The tale of political discrimation

BY DHRUVA MISHRA: Political discrimination and ethnic victimization by the Bhutanese feudal system is not new. In fact, the rulers so cleverly formulate the laws and statutes that criticism of government policies is automatically prohibited. The rise of people’s voice has always given them fear and insecurity and put their ambitions at stake. From the arrest of Tek Nath Rizal in 1988, to the recent arrest and imprisonment of Prem Singh Gurung, a Christian activist; incidences of arrests and inhuman treatment to the minorities in Bhutan, on the basis of political or religious beliefs, has remained routine. Gurung was arrested for screening movies on Christianity and has been sentenced to three years’ in prison by a District Court; on charges of attempting to promote a civil unrest […]

Published on Mar 17 2011 // Opinion

The Struggling Journey

While I was listening to my uncle’s story, my subconscious mind started flying with lost hopes of despair; I could clearly realize my future distorting and my mind went blank for a couple of minutes. I collected strength and started talking again. I tried from my end to convince them to withdraw the form, but the type of situation they were in –that does not need a mention here – I think I was too young to understand the depth of it. We set the date, for it could not be before the 18th of December, as it took some time for my transition and more over I was leaving permanently everything.

Published on Nov 20 2010 // Untold Story

Scrutinizing Silent Sufferings

Before jumping into the subject, I express my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to “Welcome to America Project” for this great opportunity to share our stories. I am; indeed, out of words for those American hearts who have strong attachment with our hearts and understand the sufferings of thousands of Bhutanese refugees and refugees from around the globe. The events in the story may not necessarily say that, but that’s how I felt the story would be complete and meaningful. This character, who was born in Bhutan, grown up in refugee camp in Nepal and now struggling for her future in America, is the most deprived one in the story.

Published on Oct 03 2010 // Untold Story

A Culture of Appreciation

BY DHRUVA MISHRA: It is debatable as to whether we lost the culture of appreciation- or did we not possess it at all. Collect a set of five fellow Bhutanese, and perhaps you hear them say “leaders did not do any good for nearly two decades and as a result we continue to suffer”. This might, to some extent, appears as a bitter truth; yet this is unreal. Everyone—leaders, public, intellectuals, academicians, experts, civil society members, writers, journalists, among others, have sacrificed their tireless contributions profoundly, at least for the sake of “real democracy” in Bhutan. The priceless efforts made by some of our fore leaders to resolve this issue are crystal clear in our minds.

Published on Oct 03 2010 // Opinion

Police arrests S. B. Subba

Nepal Police arrested chairman of Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) S. B. Subba on Friday afternoon on suspicion of his link in Belndagi I murder case

Published on Apr 25 2009 // Main News

Resettled folk commits suicide

Krishna Kumar Rai, 31, from Nashville city of Tennessee State committed suicide by hanging in a closet rod on March 17 at around 2.30 PM. A temporary inhabitant of Goldhap Refugee Camp, Sector B/3 Hut No 23 in eastern Nepal, Rai was resettled in Tennessee in September 2008 along with his parents

Published on Mar 23 2009 // Main News

Karki receives Dutch nationality

Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri, a Netherlands based Bhutanese refugee, who runs business as well, has been awarded citizenship certificates by the Dutch government during a naturalization ceremony held on March 13 at the Hague municipality building

Published on Mar 20 2009 // Main News