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Unfinished business of democracy

March 24, 2010: On March 23, the government moth piece wrote in its editorial that ‘we have unfinished business as far as democracy in Bhutan in concerned’. It’s might have been a pinching issue for Bhutan government had it been said by exiled citizens. But, the fact is coming out from within that Bhutanese democracy […]

Published on Mar 24 2010 // Main News

ECB to introduce biometric system for voting

March 5, 2010: The country failed to hold local elections in last two years against the government commitments but the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) is on the job to improve its working strategies for election system. The Commission is set to introduce biometric system which will capture the information of a voter through a […]

Published on Mar 05 2010 // Main News

Eastern Bhutan closed to conserve happiness

Twelve years ago, eastern Bhutan was closed to trap and kill the rebels who raised voice against the autocratic regime in Thimphu. At least one hundred and fifty eastern Bhutanese were arrested and tortured to coerce them to confess being the supporters of Rongthong Kunley Dorji of Druk National Congress (DNC) and United Front for […]

Published on Feb 03 2010 // News Analysis

PDP starts revival campaign

January 16, 2009: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that received shocking votes in the first parliamentary elections of the country in 2008 has now renewed its efforts for revival of its presence in all districts. The party since the elections has almost faded out with only countable number of its members renewing membership in the […]

Published on Jan 16 2010 // Main News

A Bhutanese finally gets asylum in Germany

December 12, 2009: There was time, very critical time, when a Bhutanese seeking asylum in Germany was extradited to Bhutan, where he would face severe torture, harassment, and jail terms. Fortunately, he has been granted asylum, thanks to international pressure and lobby by exiled Bhutanese groups including media in exile. The long awaited asylum appeal […]

Published on Dec 13 2009 // Main News

Parliamentarians question developments, border talks

December 04, 2009: The parliamentarians raised series of question with the Minister for Works and Human Settlement Yeshey Zimba regarding the construction of roads, bridges and others during the question hour session on Friday’s sitting of National Assembly. The member from Lhamozinkha Hemant Gurung asked on the government’s plan to construct road between Gesarling and […]

Published on Dec 04 2009 // Main News

An Open letter to the Bhutanese parliamentarians

Date: November 19, 2009 (6:30 GMT) Dear Parliamentarians, On the eve of the 4th session of the first Bhutanese parliament, we want to put forth the immediate concern of the Bhutanese people both inside the country and in exile. The historical importance of your deliberations will be judged by the historians as well as by […]

Published on Nov 20 2009 // Opinion

Fools’ Assembly soon

The fourth mega extravaganza of fools’ show is in the calendar soon. The spectators scattered all over the nation and through out the world are expecting it with reluctance and a hope for fun. Reluctance, because, at times the clowns make certain regulations requiring the audience  to stand up, sit down or clap or appear […]

Published on Nov 09 2009 // Commentary

Depening democracy: paradoxical Paro conference

Bhutan hosted the three day international conference on “Deepening and Sustaining democracy” (12-14 Oct), jointly organized by the Center for Bhutan studies and UNDP. It should be a matter of pride for the government of Bhutan to hold such magnanimous conference with a bit of experience on democracy. But for the SAARC region it is […]

Published on Oct 31 2009 // News Analysis

Religious discrimination continues in disguise

October 28, 2009: “While subtle pressure on non-Buddhists to observe the traditional Drukpa values and some limitations on constructing non-Buddhist religious buildings remained, the Government took steps to improve religious freedom in the country.” This is what a new report on religious freedom published by the US Department of States for 2009 mentions in its […]

Published on Oct 28 2009 // Main News