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In my frail conditions …

There were 105 prisoners at the Damphu jail. The jailers began to threaten us, that if we wanted to stay in Bhutan then our prison term would prolong, or alternatively we could opt to leave the country. When I was asked what I wanted to do, I used to answer, that as three generations of my family had lived on the same land, why should I leave the country, when I haven’t done anything wrong? Enraged with my answer, they use to beat me heavily with sticks or intimidate me showing a piece of hot iron to change my statement and leave the country.

Out of 105, 24 prison inmates were released after they signed Voluntary Migration Forms, to leave Bhutan permanently. The rest of us were transferred to Chemgang prison near the capital, Thimphu.

Published on Dec 09 2010 // Untold Story

India approves pay hike for Bhutanese security forces

March 13, 2010: Last year, the government proposed huge salary hike for the civil employees, which drew both support and criticism from across the populace. Shortly, the government also proposed the salary and other benefits for parliamentarians as well. The first decision was endorsed with few opposing while the second one came as a shock, […]

Published on Mar 13 2010 // Main News

Government announces e-governance

To promote e-governance, the Department of Information and Technology announced its plan to connect all government offices under common network to integrate the works of public administration

Published on Apr 28 2009 // Main News

Tenzing Zangpo rearrested, whereabouts unknown

General secretary of Druk National Congress (Democratic) Tenzing Zangpo has been rearrested by the Assam Police from Gauhati court premises soon after he was released on April 6

Published on Apr 21 2009 // Main News

A boy killed in road accident

A young boy has been killed and two other seriously injured in a road accident at Bhur of Sarpang April 5. Driver has been charged under Penal Code for the accident

Published on Apr 09 2009 // Main News

DPT govt sees delayed development activities

The latest trend has reflected promises of development given by the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa during the election period are unlikely to go smoothly. Major construction projects face hurdles in the middle

Published on Feb 13 2009 // Main News