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Most suggestions accepted

March 20, 2010 – The government accepted a majority of the recommendations it received for its first universal periodic review (UPR), during the 13th session of the human rights council (HRC) held on March 18 in Geneva. Of the remainder, the delegation pointed out that some are already addressed by existing laws and the rest […]

Published on Mar 23 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

BAF concludes mission Geneva

March 19, 2010: The Bhutanese Advocacy Forum – Europe concluded its campaign in Geneva on Thursday finally attending the 13th session of Human Rights Council where resolution on UPR human Rights report on Bhutan was adopted. Before the session begun, the BAF delegates made intensive lobby and distributed appeal and testimonies of torture victims from […]

Published on Mar 19 2010 // Main News

Advocacy mission travels to Geneva

March 17, 2010: The Geneva presentation for Bhutan on December 4, 2009 was a bitter experience in the sense that the regime shocked from the unexpected opposition from the citizens it expelled two decades ago.

As the fight for right to return continues, the Bhutanese Diaspora, that is expanding alarmingly, runs behind every corners of the world to brief the international community on how Bhutan government is fooling the world. December 4 was the first severe test. Following immense pressure, the government representatives escaped from the scene telling the nations that their answers will be delivered during 13th session of the Human Rights Council. And here comes the day.

Published on Mar 17 2010 // Main News

Bhutan's human rights record poor: Report

March 12, 2010: The US state department’s annual human rights report documents a number of human rights violation incidents in Bhutan in the year 2009 despite liberalization of political and religious freedom. According to the report released on Thursday, there were five cases of disappearance in February 2009 from Samchi reported to UN Working Group […]

Published on Mar 12 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Fatherless children remain unregistered

March 5, 2010: The recent annual census registration carried out across the country has left many children without being registered. The major problem behind the failure to remain these children without being registered is clueless father, most of them born out of night hunting. According to national law, it is mandatory to mention father in […]

Published on Mar 05 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Right to education at risk

February 25, 2010: The right to education in Bhutan is likely to deteriorate in the years to come, thanks to rigidity in issuing new permits to open more private colleges in the country. Less than half of the grade 10 pass out students will get admission this year in government-run higher secondary schools. Noting poor […]

Published on Feb 25 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Advocacy in Europe states in high hope

January 26, 2009: The advocacy in Europe has started at high hopes as five-member delegation of Bhutanese Advocacy Forum – Europe (BAF-Europe) headed by its coordinator Durga Giri held meetings with high level European Union officials at Brussels on January 25. The delegates met with Jean-Christian Remond and Rensje Teerind, Head and deputy Head of […]

Published on Jan 26 2010 // Main News

When children abandon books to earn a living

Since the days of Victorian England where children were exploited as chimney sweeps, the world has become a more advanced place where child labor is no longer accepted. In a country such as Bhutan, where small rural families depend on every family member contributing to the care and maintenance of agricultural holdings, child labor is […]

Published on Jan 20 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

No surveyors, no land transfer

January 16, 2009: Delays in transfer of thram in the Wangduephodrang, Dagana and Tsirang are hampering both government development activities at the local level and private land development. Though the revised Land Act 2007 mandates to complete such transfer within 365 days, cases are pending for years leading to halt in development activities. In Tsirang, […]

Published on Jan 16 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Govt employees happy with new NPPF scheme

January 16, 2009: The government employees are happy with the plan unveiled by National Pension and Provident Fund to calculate their pension on 40 percent average of the last 24 months’ basic salary and not on an employee’s last salary. According to old scheme, the retired official was entitled to pension on 60 percent on […]

Published on Jan 16 2010 // Human Rights Monitor