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Right to education at risk

February 25, 2010: The right to education in Bhutan is likely to deteriorate in the years to come, thanks to rigidity in issuing new permits to open more private colleges in the country. Less than half of the grade 10 pass out students will get admission this year in government-run higher secondary schools. Noting poor […]

Published on Feb 25 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Fake assurance to Dagana residents

January 31, 2010: People of Goshi geog under Dagana failed get government’s assurance to reopen their Goshi Junior High School by early 2010 tuned out to be a foul play of politics. The school was turned into an army barrack after 1990 and remained closed for two decades and more. Due to absence of the […]

Published on Jan 31 2010 // Human Rights Monitor

Importing teachers from beyond seven seas

Bhutan, which once said it has more population that country can sustain, has now begun importing workers from foreign countries. Though thousands of Indians still work in various Bhutanese offices and unskilled sector, Bhutan will not import people from western countries for teaching

Published on May 05 2009 // Main News

Noble way of flourishing Buddhism

Bhutan, which used brutal measures to protect Drukpa Kagyu sub-sect of Buddhism, has not finally found a noble way to make it popular – including Buddhism in national curriculum

Published on May 01 2009 // Main News

Bhutan invites Christian teachers

Bhutan, which restricted preaching religions other than Hinduism and Buddhism and punished many Christians in the past, has now sought support from a Christian group to enhance educational standards

Published on Apr 02 2009 // Main News

New phase of Light Drukyul project

n an effort to spread the ‘Light Drukyul’ project, Ministry of Education has started a five day orientation program at the department of youth and sports (DYS), in the capital on Monday

Published on Mar 25 2009 // Main News

RUB convocation: King asks students to improve Math, English and Science

King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk has asked the students from Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) to concentrate more on Mathematics, English and Science

Published on Feb 17 2009 // Main News

India to test professional standard of Bhutanese teachers

Military training for army, police and royal body guards are held in India. Until recently, education system was controlled from Delhi and other regional boards. Still, a glaring instance has surfaced where India controls internal matter of Bhutan

Published on Feb 17 2009 // Main News

Govt turns deaf ear to right to education

The constitution of the kingdom says government will provide free education to its citizens up to university level. However, promises are rarely kept here even by the new democratic government that had promised bundles of facilities to the people during the election period

Published on Feb 13 2009 // Main News