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Bhutanese regime and its art of lying

Bhutan often engages itself in telling the Bhutanese refugee stalemate is a humanitarian issue but never dared say who or what caused this issue. So far, Bhutan is very lucky as it is backed by a giant neighbour and its propaganda is sellable in the market. Why Bhutan does not dare sitting across the table […]

Published on Aug 29 2010 // Opinion

India’s Role in the Bhutanese Democratic Movement

The role of the Indian government on the paraphernalia of the Bhutanese democratic movement for human rights and democracy begs for more criticism than appreciation. India’s strategic advantage both in terms of location and influence on  governance in Bhutan is hardly concealed from anyone. But after two decades, India’s attitude on the Bhutanese movement remains […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Commentary

India must play positive role for Bhutan democracy

January 30, 2010: Despite being a leading democracy in world, India always remained silent spectator to many of the democratic struggles in its neighbor. Bhutan is one of them, where India not only acted as mere spectator but sided with autocracy to crash democratic fight. Bhutan Media Society (BMS) called upon leaders from diverse background […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Main News

Depening democracy: paradoxical Paro conference

Bhutan hosted the three day international conference on “Deepening and Sustaining democracy” (12-14 Oct), jointly organized by the Center for Bhutan studies and UNDP. It should be a matter of pride for the government of Bhutan to hold such magnanimous conference with a bit of experience on democracy. But for the SAARC region it is […]

Published on Oct 31 2009 // News Analysis

Bhutan’s future in democracy

A year after Bhutan entered into party politics with a fabricated form of democratic system, it has organized the first conference talking democracy in Asia sphere. For decades, Bhutan resisted democracy in the name of preserving culture and religious unity. In many instances, Bhutan said it cannot tolerate religious and cultural diversity, which is fundamentally […]

Published on Oct 27 2009 // Opinion

DNC demands accelerated democratic reforms

Over a year and a half has gone by since Bhutan became “democratic”, but there is little to evidence Bhutan’s democratic credentials, and a lot is still left wanting, Druk National Congress said

Published on Jul 07 2009 // Main News

Democracy in Bhutan: a silver lining

‘Democracy is the government by the people, for the people and of the people,’ a definition taught at school level rings in my mind. It was the ICSC curriculum of Indian history and civics taught in Bhutan that gave a cursory knowledge of democracy to younger generation of Bhutan. Had it not been for the […]

Published on May 18 2009 // Commentary

One Year of Democracy and National Security

Walking down history lanes years later, the year 2008 will go down as a remarkable year for Bhutan. That year, a King was crowned and a Prime Minister was elected. There were also many worthy firsts in 2008 – first Constitution in the history of the kingdom, the first democratic elections based on adult franchise, […]

Published on Apr 22 2009 // Opinion

Royal Democracy in Bhutan: Steps Ahead Against the Current

A year of democratic practices in Bhutan has brought numerous reforms and left almost no stones unturned to demystify the suspicion of throne-gifted democracy. To begin with, the election of 20 members for the upper house, later, five deputed by the monarch, formally lifted the ban on the word ‘democracy”. Then, the royal cabinet divided […]

Published on Apr 16 2009 // Commentary

Change: that’s what PM says always

Change, change and change. That’s what has been the popular chestnut for Prim Minister Jigmi Y Thinley since he entered politics as appointed minister for foreign affairs in 1998.

Published on Apr 13 2009 // Main News