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Entry of foreign bank is both opportunity and challenge: IMF

February 25, 2010: International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed both happiness and caution on the entry of foreign banks in the banking industry of Bhutan. Though it said, the entry would open up markets for competition and improve distribution of money, the IMF said it will also pose challenges on loans and credits. The international […]

Published on Feb 25 2010 // Main News

Gelephu: developing as center of attraction

January 04, 2009: After years of neglect, the Bhutanese bureaucracy, political circle and the business community are finally realizing the economic potentiality of the southern border towns, and in general that of the south. Almost three decades of hatred had almost ruined this potentiality. Revising it takes another few years, after which southern Bhutan many […]

Published on Jan 04 2010 // Main News

Business in India affects business in Bhutan

January 03, 2009: It is regular news that political instability and strikes in neighboring states have affected businesses, travel and lives in Bhutan. But normal situation in Indian states also started creating problems in Bhutan. The massive flow of cheap Chinese goods into Indian market has attracted Bhutanese buyers as well. Since Bhutan does not […]

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Streamlining loans

December 11, 2009: Talked since 1997, Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), the central banking authority, has finally launched Credit Information Bureau (CIB) Project that is expected to ease the teething process customers have been facing to get loans from banks and other financial institutions. Initially, the project will be a test run in banks for three […]

Published on Dec 11 2009 // Main News

Bhutan not good for doing business

December 07, 2009: Bhutan has performed bleak picture in the doing Ease of Business Report 2010 produced by the World Bank group. This is drop by two places compared to Doing Business 2009. Bhutan is ranked 126 in the survey of 183 countries to study the environment of ding business. Singapore tops the list while […]

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Bangladeshi PM schedules Bhutan trip

Kathmandu, October 29, 2009: Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina will land Thimphu on November 6 to observe the signing ceremony of a new bilateral trade agreement, which aims to enhance the commercial relations between the two countries. In her presence, during the three-day state visit, leaders of the chamber of commerce from both the […]

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Sipsu gets first coffee farm of the country

Sipsu gets first coffee farm of the country October 10, 2009: The residents in Sipsu, under Samtse district in southern Bhutan have started the first batch of coffee farming. Some 40,000 coffee saplings have started sprouting leaves in the nursery. Following the allotment of 241-acre land to Samden group by the Ministry of Agriculture, the […]

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Dorjis capture BCCI again

The highest business organization of the country Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) elected Topgyal Dorji of Tashi Group of Companies as the new president

Published on Apr 03 2009 // Main News

Corporations blame government for loosing experienced employees

Following the announcement by government for voluntary retirement for old bureaucrats, tussles have begun to surface between the government and the bureaucracy

Published on Apr 03 2009 // Main News