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Open doors for repatriation

The Government of Bhutan mercilessly evicted its citizens and still the world has not effectively challenged its inhuman activities. It is an insult to United Nations as Bhutan has openly abused the ‘Human Rights’ as declared by UN on this day of 10th December. It is equally regrettable to realize that the Bhutanese citizens are compelled to struggle for the most basic human values even form the 21st computerized century[…]

Published on Dec 11 2011 // Opinion

India’s Role in the Bhutanese Democratic Movement

The role of the Indian government on the paraphernalia of the Bhutanese democratic movement for human rights and democracy begs for more criticism than appreciation. India’s strategic advantage both in terms of location and influence on  governance in Bhutan is hardly concealed from anyone. But after two decades, India’s attitude on the Bhutanese movement remains […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Commentary

India must play positive role for Bhutan democracy

January 30, 2010: Despite being a leading democracy in world, India always remained silent spectator to many of the democratic struggles in its neighbor. Bhutan is one of them, where India not only acted as mere spectator but sided with autocracy to crash democratic fight. Bhutan Media Society (BMS) called upon leaders from diverse background […]

Published on Jan 30 2010 // Main News

A month in Australia

It has been over a month since I landed at Adelaide airport in South Australia. The first month remained impressive as expected. I had my ninety six year old grandfather on his wheel chair- the eldest man in Adelaide from Bhutanese Community whom I had accompanied along with. After some 12 hours of flight from […]

Published on Jul 13 2009 // Opinion

Transition, Transformation and Vision for the Diaspora

A highly placed source at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said that altogether 16,000 Bhutanese citizens have been resettled in various developed countries so far. The statistics update from the UNHCR showed that until April 11, 2009 some 10,934 individuals have resettled in the United States of America under the third country […]

Published on Jul 10 2009 // Commentary

DNC demands accelerated democratic reforms

Over a year and a half has gone by since Bhutan became “democratic”, but there is little to evidence Bhutan’s democratic credentials, and a lot is still left wanting, Druk National Congress said

Published on Jul 07 2009 // Main News

India separates 5.6b grant for Bhutan in its new budget

The Royal government of Bhutan will receive a total of IRs 5.6 billions in grants in the new fiscal year 2009-10 from the government of India

Published on Jul 07 2009 // Main News

Govt projects to create 16,000 jobs in four years

The government projects ton create at least 16,000 jobs for jobseekers in the next four years, when the first elected government ends its tenure

Published on Jul 06 2009 // Main News

Karma Ura leaves NC

A veteran writer vice Chairman of the National Council, Upper House, Karma Ura has resigned from the post owing to health conditions

Published on Jul 06 2009 // Main News

Rizal’s sons flew to Canada for resettlement

Four members from the family of human rights leader Tek Nath Rizal have flown to Canada on Monday under resettlement program

Published on Jul 03 2009 // Main News