Support Beldangi-I Fire Victim


Bhutanese refugees residing in UN-administed camps in Nepal have repeatedly witnessed fire break-out. They regard that they are being threatened and saddened by such occurances.

Just a week back, some two dozens huts were demolished by fire in Beldangi-I camp, displacing around 200 invididuals. Of this, young children and ageing people are major victims. These people have lost everything including documents they had possessed.

By now, even donors are less interested to extend their helping hands since they are almost tired of rendering such supports repeatedly. We share that victims displaced this time are the worst among those who got their belongings gutted by fire in the past.

Considering this alarming situation, Bhutan Media Society has started fund raising campaign this time as well. We appeal you and your family to extend possible support to these fire victims, who all are our friends and relatives.

For accountability and transparency, will publish your details including amount you support and all other related information in the official website of Bhutan News Service

If you choose to send your donations through PayPal, you will not be charged additional amount to transfer your grant. For this, we have set up a separate PayPal account here. You can click the link above and follow instructions.

Bhutan Media Society remains ever thankful for your humanitarian supports to friends and relatives in need.

Contributions received so far :
1. Tek Nath Mishra, California: US $ 15
2. Dr. Lakshmi Dhakal and BCN, Hague:  NPR 13,703
3. Nandita Khanal and Family , Arizona:  NPR 2,000