YFC organizes Friendship football matches (Sports)

Published on Dec 31 2008 // Main News

Beldangi-II, December 31: Youth Friendly Center (YFC), a youth alliance of young Bhutanese from 18 to 25, is organizing inter-community friendship football match from toady. The tournament lasts until January 12.

"We are incorporating youths from camps and affected local community in these matches", YFC program coordinator Fr. Peter told Bhutan News Service. "We are finishing this years grants from FC Barcelona with this tournament", added he.

Caritas-Nepal, which manages education programs for the exiled Bhutanese, runs and operates programs of YFC with funding from UN Refugee Agency.

Fr. Peter claimed that YFC works basically to create social awareness in camps.

"YFC addresses the needs and wants of youths, making them work on voluntary basis," told an YFC cadre. Bhutan News Service/Arjun Pradhan