Wangdi appeals UNHCR for security (Diaspora)

Published on Oct 11 2008 // Main News

Munich, October 11: Tandin Wangdi, a Bhutanese citizen, has appealed the UN refugee agency UNHCR for necessary support to escape possible deportation to Bhutan from where he fled due to fear of execution.

His father Tshering Penjore, member of Druk National Congress, a political party operating from exile, on behalf of his son has made an appeal to Antonio Guetterres, UNHCR chief for help.

Wangdi had sought asylum in Switzerland on July 7 after German government attempted his deportation to Bhutan. He is now kept in a asylum seeking centre in Kreuzlingen and yet to face asylum interview.

In the past years, Germany has granted asylum a hundred of non-Bhutanese who reached in that country disguised as Bhutanese refugees.

Penjore said, life of his son would be in a great danger if incase he is deported to Bhutan and expressed his hope that the UNHCR shall make necessary arrangements to provide security to his son in Switzerland.  He is optimistic that the Switzerland government shall look into the appeal of his son seriously and grant him asylum there.

In the statement Penjore also appealed the Bhutanese community in exile to help him stop the deportation of his son to Bhutan by rendering solidarity to the cause. Bhutan News Service