US standard of living is very high(Diaspora)

Published on Jan 28 2009 // Main News

Kathmandu: Chairman of Bhutan Engineers Association (BEA) said the life after resettlement is becoming tough due to the hierarchy and urban livelihood, which exiled Bhutanese had never dreamt of.

An Architect by profession, Poudel informed BNS that many exiled Bhutanese resettled in the city of Cleveland in Ohio have begun to realize the value of independent living and they started talking about future security.

"The younger generation appreciates the decision taken by the senior ones, even though they had not imagined about the country of opportunity", added Poudel, who has been resettled in Ohio under third country resettlement program.
People are finding tough time to adjust and balance between traditional customs and prevailing practices, he added. 106 exiled Bhutanese from 31 families have so far been resettled in that city. Others are resettled in four cities namely Columbus (capital), Cleveland, Cincinnati and Akron in Ohio State.

Diocese of Catholic Charity, Cleveland chapter and 'US Together', Cleveland are responsible for the resettlement. US Together looks after 21 individuals from five families and the remaining being resettled by Catholic Charity.

Three exiled Bhutanese above 65 years of age resettled here receive social security benefits and 26 below 18 years get free education. 32 have already been employed full time while 13 work for seasonal jobs.

80 percent of the jobs placement are done by resettlement agencies while rest are helped by SEWA International (Hindu Charity organization), Mosque body and through individual efforts. Bhutan News Service