Update 2 pm: Indefinite shutdown of Beldangi camps

Published on Sep 09 2009 // Main News
Materials discovered at the spot where Khadka was knifed to death. Photo: Arjun

Beldangi, September 9 : The all party meeting of the stakeholders including camp management committee was underway in Beldangi-II camp , while this story was being compiled, to discuss the murder of KB Khadka in a broad day light inside the UNHCR-administered camp yesterday. 

Earlier today, the camp secretary of of Beldangi-II Extension, Ganapati Adhikari, called for indefinite shutdown of Beldangi camps until the killers are brought under security control.

In a statement issued, Adhikari has asked the government of Nepal to provide security to the camp residents. (Download Adhikari’s statement)

“I ask all in camps to shutdown everything including schools to demand security and punish the killer of Khadka”, said Adhikari.

Meanwhile, the Birat-led Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM) condemned the murder citing such acts to defame the democratic struggle in Bhutan. (Download CPB(MLM)’s Statement)

“IOM and UNHCR are responsible for increasing act of decapitation of leaders in exiles by fragmenting the exile community according to their best interest”, said the party’s exile coordination committee in-charged alias Raktim.

Thousands of exiled Bhutanese gather around the camp management committee of Beldangi-II and Beldangi-II Extension to discuss the funeral-proceeding of late Khadka, whose body is taken to Bhadrapur, Jhapa for post-mortem this afternoon, and security issues in the camps.

Youth Friendly Center of the camp also organized an emergency meeting this morning to make out the probable protest programs against the murder.

(With inputs from Arjun Pradhan in Beldangi-I)