Unknown found registered in UNHCR-administered hut (In Exile)

Published on Nov 14 2008 // Main News
Beldangi-II, November 14: Chabilal Kami and his wife Mangali Maya Sharki of Beldangi-II A-1/79 today were shocked to see a photograph of an unknown person registered in the hut from where Baburam Sharki has been missing since a decade.

"The deployed staff to issue our identity cards showed an unknown photograph with ours", said Kami. 

According to Kami, a black-complex youth of about 30 years has been registered in his family in place of Baburam whose whereabouts are at large.

"When we told that the photograph was of a stranger, we were denied of our ID cards" told Kami adding, "Later we got ours but I don't know what happens to Baburam when he comes back".

Keshar Bahadur Bhattarai, the sub-sector head informed Bhutan News Service (BNS) that he was also asked to sign a paper stating that the person in the photograph was unknown to him. 

Kami even informed BNS that the sector head of sector A, Mangal Singh Rai, forced him to accept that the photograph was known to the family.

 "He had also asked for census slip some days back, which I denied", Kami informed.

"I got the report about that case and told the authority to issue cards to the couples" said Basanta Puri, deployed by the Government of Nepal (GoN) for registration of the exiled Bhutanese at Joint Verification Team, formed by the GoN and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. 

The camp secretary, Narad Mani Sanyashi, who was out of the scene said that immediate actions will be sought against those involved in infiltration.  

"The investigations are going on", said Puri adding, "We will make the details public by Monday". Bhutan News Service/ Vidhyapati Mishra with inputs from Bhakta Ghimire