UK as well lends hands to take exiled Bhutanese

Published on Mar 09 2010 // Main News

March 09, 2010: The enthusiasts for third country resettlement have yet another reason to cheer for now, thanks to United Kingdom that it has offered to settle some of the exiled Bhutanese from Nepal.

The country will start the process for resettlement from next week, in Damak, where all other countries — United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands — conduct processing.

According to reliable sources at the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Nepal, the country will take over 200 exiled Bhutanese for resettlement in the next two months’ period.

The UNHCR has already prepared the files of those who wished to go UK for resettlement. The agency is looking for sending additional 5000 exiled Bhutanese for resettlement than earlier projection.

According to UNHCR, some 83,000 have expressed their willingness for resettlement while the countries have so far announced quotas for some 75,000 exiled Bhutanese only.

Over 30,000 have been resettled in the last two years majority of them resettling in the United States.

The resettlement of exiled Bhutanese in UK will expand the horizon of Bhutanese Diaspora, even creating larger network for building pressure on the Bhutanese rulers for guaranteeing human rights and genuine democracy for those living in the country.