Two suspects of recent murder arrested

Published on Sep 17 2009 // Main News

Damak-based Nepal Police arrested two suspects of Khadka’s murder today following a tip-off from Damber Bahadur Karki, the only eye-witness of the brutal killing that took place a week ago.

Karki’s father informed BNS correspondent in camp that those suspects were travelling in the same bus, when Karki saw one of them, just beside his seat.

“He started behaving abnormal as soon as he saw that guy”, said one of his friends adding,” I quickly stepped down the bus and informed police when Damber told me that same boy who murdered his uncle was there.”

According to this person, who requested his anonymity, Damber acted as if he was psychologically unfit; shivering and shouting for his safety.

When police stopped the bus, one could manage to flee the scene while two of them were arrested following a long-chase by several youths including Karki.

Police have just disclosed that the duo arrested confessed that they were pickpockets, however, they denied any involvement in khadka’s slaying.

Further investigations were underway, said Karki quoting police officials as saying.

While, Damber and a local youth who run almost a kilometer to arrest them as soon as the suspects tried to flee the scene, expressed their confident that one of the killers was arrested.

Karki, who is waiting for his flight schedule to resettle in America, told BNS that he is finding hard to overcome the grave scene he witnessed.

“I want to go to a safe place since those killers can kill me anytime.”

Karki appealed the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organization for Migration to expedite his process.

“Through BNS, I make my humble request to transfer me to a safer zone,” lamented Kari, who has completed his all processes including cultural orientation in the third week of July.

“I am staying with my friends,” he said adding, “I even feel frightened while going to bathroom.”