Torrent, hailstorm damage crops

Published on Apr 16 2009 // Main News

Phuentsholing, April 16, 2009: Following the marriage of a pair of frogs, Bhutan not only received rain but also hailstorm that damaged crops and vegetables in several places and blocked roadways. 

The road between Rewan and Autsho in Lhuentse has been partially washed away at 12 various places by heavy rain recently. In one of the places, a boulder has fallen right in the middle of the road.

In Kanglung geog under Trashigang dzongkhag, a hailstorm damaged potato fields on April 11. More than 10 acres of potato fields in Yonphula and upper parts of Yonphu Pam belonging to 48 households were severely damaged. 

In Nichula and Dorjiphu geogs under Dagana dzongkhag, hailstorm followed by torrents damaged maize crops planted in over 70 acres of land belonging to 14 households.

Besides maize, the torrent also damaged main cash crop, orange, in its flowering season.