Time frame to reduce administrative burden

Published on Apr 08 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, April 08, 2009: Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley on April 7 has directed all 63 public agencies of the country to complete the mission of reducing the administrative burden within the next one year. 

Ministry secretaries, who would be responsible to implement the project, are asked to pick three best persons on each ministry to assist them in carrying out the task. PM thinly will take monthly briefing from the secretaries about the progress. 

Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has been asked to take the lead role and coordinate the activities of the multi-sectoral task force (MSTF). The team will also identify areas that can be outsourced so that the civil service remains small, compact and efficient.

Steps will be taken to maximize the use o information technology to provide one-stop window services, whereby people need not have to run several departments to do a work.

The secretaries were advised to refer to the Good Governance Plus document and the recommendation of cost cutting measures proposed by pay commission.