Three left camps following life threat

Published on Sep 14 2009 // Main News
druk leopard
Druk Leopart Warning Letter

An underground group Druk Leopard, which was never heard before, has scattered computerized posters this morning warning of physical attacks to eight Bhutanese.

Those who are warned of stern physical attack if they fail to leave the camps included Thag Bahadur Thapa and Gopal Gurung of Bhutan People’s Party, D. R. Katel of Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front and Subash Acharya, former camp secretary of Beldangi-II Extension.

Similarly, the group has threatened journalist Bhakta Ghimirey, Pratap Subba – the former camp secretary of Sanischare camp, Naradmani Sanyashi- camp secretary of Beldangi-II and I. B. Khadka of Sanischare camp.

Subash Acharya talked to apfanews from Damak that he left the camp citing fear of his safety. “I have accordingly reporter my status to the UNHCR and Refugee Coordination Unit in camp”, told he through telephone.

Acharya also confirmed Gopal Gurung and Thag Bahadur Thapa of leaving camp. “They are also in Damak”, said Acharya.

The group has warned those Bhutanese to leave the camps soon along with their families or to face severe physical actions. Leopard has accused them of leading the repatriation movement at the initial days and now becoming involved in pushing their relatives and family members to third countries.

However, According to Acharya, their family members are still in the camps and want immediate transfer to safe zone.

Katel is currently at the IOM transit centre in Kathmandu and will fly to USA within these few days.

Signed by ‘Chepyastra’– regional coordinator of the group, the warning letters are computer- print outs lacking letterheads.