TBR sees blank editorial for Acharya’s release (Media)

Published on Feb 04 2009 // Main News, Media Monitor
Kathmandu, Feb 4: n a bid to protest the Bhutanese authority’s decision to sentence journalist Shanti Ram Acharya for seven-and-half year, the The Bhutan Reporter (TBR) monthly, where he was associated, has left its editorial space blank for February edition.      

Bhutan Media Society (BMS), the publication house of TBR, in its front page with a headline ‘Blank Editorial’ stated that the house was deeply concerned towards Bhutanese authority’s decision to sentence its correspondent, Acharya, for such a long time without any justifiable reason.

“We deserve to take Acharya’s side at this hour,” it reads, urging the Druk authority to review the case and allow Acharya to hire independent attorney.

“We also decided to leave the editorial space for February edition of TBR blank. And, this is done to protest against the high court’s decision and also to press the Druk regime for Acharya’s early and unconditional release,” it added.

TBR further stated that the initiative to leave editorial space blank was the first-ever record since the inception of TBR. Bhutan News Service