Tandin deported to Germany, APFA appeals rights bodies to intervene

Published on May 28 2009 // Main News

Munich, May 27: When several thousands of the exiled Bhutanese are finding new homes in abroad as coordinated by the UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a Bhutanese youth from eastern Bhutan, Tandin Penjore, was deported to Germany from Switzerland on May 22.

Penjore had illegally entered Switzerland last year when was denied of the refugee status in Germany.

The deportation occurred despite the Swiss court’s verdict of stay order made two weeks back.

At present, Tandin is serving in the police custody in Schlossstrasse 01, 72074 Rotenberg, a place close to Switzerland where he was handed over to the German police by the Swiss authority.

”He is now left with only one chance to make an appeal for the asylum; not as a political asylum seeker but as a stateless”, his lawyer Dr. Georing told .

Tandi’s father, who has managed to hire a lawyer, says he did all he could to avoid his son’s deportation to Bhutan where he is certain to face inhuman torture, and politically motivated charges if deported.

”Despite our appeals, we are denied justice, and have received support from any international agency” said Tshering.

“But, I hope agency like UNHCR can do something that can result in his favor”.

Tshering argues that when thousands of the fellow Bhutanese are being resettled his son should also find a safe heaven.

APFA’s concern
The Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan has asked the UNHCR, Human Rights Watch, Global Human Rights Defense and International Red Cross Society to intervene on the probable deportation of Tandin to Bhutan.

“We have our humble request to explore other legal options on humanitarian to grant refugee status to Tandin”, stated the APFA’s release.

Druk National Congress supporter Tandin landed Germany in 2003 to join his father Tshering Penjore, who was granted legal status.

Tandin made the asylum application to the Federal Office, known as Bundesamt, for reorganization as a foreign refugee.

However, Bundesamt issued a negative decision rejecting the case. Upon the denial of the status by the Bundesamt, he then appealed the court in Hanover. The court also made its verdict against Tandin’s appeal for the status citing he has had weak political reason for fleeing the country.

When the German authority made all the necessary preparations for Tandin’s deportation to Bhutan after obtaining a new passport from the Geneva based Bhutanese embassy, he chose to quit Germany. He went to Switzerland and appealed the Swiss authority for the asylum. The Swiss authority also rejected the case stating he must apply for the asylum in the country where he first landed in.

(With input from Tej Man Rayaka in Germany)