Support to Bhutanese ‘Mandela’ pours in

Published on Dec 07 2008 // Main News
Kathmandu, December 07: President of Bhutan People's Party (BPP) Balaram Poudel has handed over Nepalese rupees 44,000 to D. K. Rai for his medical treatment.  

Poudel handed over the amount to Rai in Kathmandu on Sunday in presence of representative from Bhutan News Service (BNS). 

According to Poudel, the amount was collected from Germany and US-based exiled Bhutanese. Poudel also informed the BNS that out of Nepalese rupees 49,300 collected, at least 5300 is still with his party and this amount is meant to help other exiled Bhutanese prisoners who were released along with Rai. 

Poudel further expressed gratitude to those who extended financial support to leader Rai for his medical treatment. "BPP likes to appeal one and all to support leader Rai since his contribution to Bhutanese movement is immeasurable", added Poudel. 

Spokesperson for National Front for Democracy in Bhutan, Narad Adhikari, who was also present on the occasion, expressed words of happiness with leader Rai over his release. Adhikari also wished Rai's continued commitment towards democratic struggle in Bhutan after his medical treatment.

Rai, founding general secretary of BPP, also expressed words of gratitude to those who extended financial support. 

Released on November 1 after 17-year of jailbird life inside Bhutan, Rai is currently in Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu for his better medical treatment. Rai informed the BNS that his health condition is gradually getting improved following the consumption of regular medicines as prescribed by Centre for Victims of Tortures. Bhutan News Service