Subba's involvement with URFB disclosed

Published on Oct 05 2009 // Main News

Timai, October 5: Most wanted murderer Yadav Gurung and his ally Pahal Man Rai, who were arrested by Armed Police Force from Timai camp on October 2, disclosed the involvement of S.B.Subba, chairperson of Human Rights Organization of Bhutan, with United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan, an underground outfit that stabbed Shantiram Nepal of Beldangi-I and K.B.Khadka of Beldangi-II Extension.

“Yadav has revealed that the underground armed group is operated by S.B.Subba, Ramesh Subba and Tara Mukarung,” Jai Kumar Chaudhary, Timai-based Armed Police Force In-charge told APFAnews.

Gurung, who gunshot Lal Bahadur Gurung of Beldangi-II Extension and Shantiram Nepal earlier, admitted that he and his sister-in-law Bhakta Gurung of Timai camp knifed Khadka last month.

Police hunted Bhakta is at large, while Yadav has not yet disclosed the reason of slaying Khadka.

Now the duo is being interrogated at Bhadrapur for further details, said Chaudhary.

APFAnews could not reach Subba over telephone for his comment regarding the disclosure of his name by Yadav.