Stay overnight with spouse in jail (City)

Published on Jan 22 2009 // Main News
Thimphu, January 22: The National Assembly on Tuesday endorsing the Prison Bill decided to allow a night’s stay in prison, once a month, for spouses of inmates in the conjugal cabins of a jail. 
New addition to the bill, Section 132 states, “A spouse visiting the prisoner may use the conjugal cabins after due approval from the Superintendent/Officer Commanding/Officer In-charge of the prisons subject to the availability of such facilities for conjugal visit. However, only one visit shall be permitted in a month.”
The other new addition Section 134 states, “The parents and relatives of the prisoners who wish to use the conjugal room may be permitted on humanitarian grounds, subject to availability of such facilities. However, only one such visit shall be permitted in a month.” 
However, the facility of conjugal cabin is currently available only at Chamgang Central Jail in Thimphu.
Interestingly, for a female inmate to invite her husband in prison, she has to prove that either of them have undergone permanent family planning or seek temporary measures from the officer in-charge. This is applicable to those females staying more then seen months. Bhutan News Service