Six arrested on murder charges, LAB claims responsibility

Published on Apr 23 2009 // Main News

Beldnagi, April 23, 2009: Police has arrested six people from Beldangi I in connection to the murder of Shanti Ram Nepal, who was shot dead on Tuesday evening by some gunmen while he was coming out of toilet.

 Those arrested on suspicion include Dolma Tamang, Sukmaya Tamang, Jung Bahadur Rai, Nar Bahadur Rai and Jari Lal Rai of the same camp. The sixth name is not available. Three Rais are brothers from same family.

 According to information given by Pradip Rai, Sub-Inspector of Police, the killer had used very sophisticated and modern weapon to attack Nepal. Two bullets were fired at this armpit, one at back-neck and one on thigh. Police recovered three fired bullets on the ground along with two khukuris.

 According to neighbors, the shooters fled towards nearby forest when people began to shout and gather.

 Nepal had filed a written petition at UNHCR, camp management committee and police asking for security since he had been receiving threats from some unknown people. Police and CMC team had been regularly visiting his hut since a few months after which he had said he felt some relief.

 The ever unknown Liberation Army of Bhutan has claimed responsibility for the murder. Posters thrown around the camp last night read he had been working as spy for Bhutanese and Indian authorities. It further alleged Nepal of being main culprit for bringing division in Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxists, Leninists, Maoists) and other political parties operating in exile.

 He attempted to bring split in United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan as well but failed, the posters say, adding he collected huge sum of money from India in the name of Bhutanese political movement and misused. At the end, the armed group sought sorry for violating laws of Nepal.

 Nepal’s last rites were performed at Kankai River on Wednesday.