Single NOC for all purposes, to be issued from Thimphu

Published on Apr 11 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, April 11, 2009: Months have passed the government created ministerial sub-committee to look into the matters of No Objection Certificate (NOC) and census categorization. No substance has so far appeared. 

Home Minister Minjur Dorji
Home Minister Minjur Dorji

While addressing over 100 media personnel in Thimphu on first anniversary of the first elected government into power, Home and Cultural Affairs Minister Minjur Dorji added one more assurance to the people on NOC. 

He said works are underway to issue only one NOC that works for all purposes. Earlier, people especially the Lhotsampas, had to take several NOC documents on different subjects. 

Separate NOC are issued to apply for jobs, go for training, process promotion in government job or enroll children in schools. New assurance from Thinley government is that from June or July, people will only have to process one security clearance certificate which can be used for all purposes. 

Dorji said the procedure for getting such certificates will also be simplified and has been approved by the cabinet. However, the certificates will be issued only from Thimphu, which is against the principle of decentralization policy that Bhutan has announced to adopt.