Several huts blown off by windy rain

Published on May 28 2009 // Main News

Damak, May 27, 2009 : Several dozens of bamboo huts in camps were blown off by incessant rain, which appeared in the eastern region since a week.

“Altogether 107 huts have been damaged by storm followed by heavy rain yesterday”, said camp secretary of Khudunabari camp.

More than a dozen of school apartments got dismantled, making unfit for class-room activities, added the camp secretary.

Meanwhile, water level in Ratuwa River has gone up affected sectors E and G of Beldangi-I camp.

“We have declared an emergency phase and urge the donor agencies to assist us”, T.B. Gurung, camp secretary of Beldangi-I camp, told Bhutan News Service.

The river has also taken away grabbles and sand collected by some exiled Bhutanese, who earn their living in the river banks.

According to Gurung, shelther manager from the LWF, Lutheran World Federation, visited camps today for field study.