Security Gates in Beldangi

Published on Sep 22 2009 // Main News

 Beldangi, Sept 22: Security gates have been established in Beldangi to check the entry of vehicles following increasing rate of security threats in camps. The entry gates are established at Beldangi I and II by Armed Police Force(APF) of government of Nepal in which all vehicles and bikes entering camps are checked thoroughly. They require security pass to enter camps. This move by the police came at the time when camp secretaries of all camps have expressed serious concern about the security of the exiled Bhutanese living in camps and their leaders. Security of camps is challenged by the increased rate of crime in the recent month especially following the tragic murder of K.B Khadka on September 8. A week after Kharka’s death a new group claiming to be Druk Leopard had scattered pamphlets in Beldangi and Sanischare camp warning some exiled Bhutanese and their leaders to vacate camps to avert ‘dire consequences’. Following this, police had restricted the movements inside camps after 7.30 PM. Yadav Neopaney