Saligram worship discourse in Holland (Diaspora)

Published on Dec 22 2008 // Main News
Netherland, December 22: A discourse on the procedure and importance of worshiping Saligram was first of the kind appreciated even by Dutch and Belgians.

Organized by Nanda Gautam in Boxtel last Saturday this religious discourse was given by Janakidas Brahmacari, a disciple of His Holiness Gaur Govinda Swami from Bhuvaneswore. Salirgram is the self-manifested deity form of Lord Vishnu’s expansion in the material world.

It appears as stone for the material eyes but it must be seen through spiritual perspective and must understands that it is spiritual that appear before us in His simplest form to receive the love and devotion of the people. Worshipping a Saligram is very auspicious.

According to Jannakidas everyone has the right to worship Saligram although some stream of Hinduism say that only the people of higher class of Varnasrmadharma are allowed. Sudras, Vaisas and women can worship Saligram provided that they maintain cleanliness and follow certain rules namely no meat eating and intoxication, he added.

His lectured was taken from the Brahma Vaivarta purana in which the story behind how the Lord Vishnu appeared as stone deity in order to fulfill the desires of Tulasi and Sankacurna. The discourse also included question- answer session within the participants.

‘I expected people from Indian and Nepalese background would come to participate but there some Dutch and Belgians too’ said Gautam who runs a Vedic Cultural Center for the last seven years.

Programs with different themes are organized every third Saturday of the month. As part of the program, Vegetarian meals are served and explained the benefit of it particularly to reduce the slaughtering of animals for food. Bhutan News Service/TP Mishra