Salary hike by up to 61 pc (Ecomony)

Published on Jan 17 2009 // Main News
Thimphu, January 17: After much debates of debacles, the government has finally came up with the proposal to increase the salary of the government employees in the board by 35 percent and 45 percent for local government functionaries.
Similarly, the government proposed to increase the salaries by 61 percent of the low graders like care-takers, gardeners and sweepers, and 20 percent increase for the members of parliament, a report approved by cabinet put up on Finance Ministry’s website said. 
The MPs will also receive several other allowances benefits like fuel and maintenance allowance of Nu 7,000, driver’s pay of Nu 6,000, Nu 2,000 as mobile allowance and a discretionary grant of Nu. 100,000 per year
However, the government put off the recommendation to increase the salaries of the cabinet ministers and posts of same rank but Prime Minister will get discretionary grant of Nu 300,000 a year and cabinet ministers, National Assembly Speaker, National Council Chairman and Opposition leader will get Nu 200,000 a year.
Constitutional posts holders will get their salary up by 35 percent including a free housing allowance of 20 percent of their pay for the Chairperson of the Anti Corruption Commission, Royal Civil Service Commission and the Attorney General along with a mobile allowance of Nu 1,500 per month. Commissioners of the RCSC, ACC and ECB will get a mobile allowance of Nu 1,000 and a housing allowance of 20 percent of their salary per month. 
The parliament will begin discussion over the government proposal from Monday. Bhutan News Service