Rizal agonized, loses hope for democratic struggle

Published on Nov 06 2008 // Main News
Exiled human rights leader, who has been advocating for human rights of Nepali-speaking Bhutanese citizens since 1988, has expressed sadness when thousands of his fellow-countrymen are leaving Nepal under Third Country Resettlement Program (TCRP).

In a video footage, Rizal talked to Netherlands based radio journalist from Bhutan, Nanda Lal Gautam, and has regretted for not being able to achieve anything under his leader.

"I am really regretful to those who expected much from me", Rizal said. He has hoped that the folks under TCRP would retain their community bond, working together for dignified repatriation.

Citing security reason and probable attack from within the community, Rizal said he could not visit the camps to see off his relatives, friends and community leaving their camp permanently. "I am not allowed to go beyond ring road", he said. Bhutan News Service/Vidhyapati Mishra

(Video input from Nanda Lal Gautam, Netherlands)