REVA to keep Bhutan’s environment clean

Published on Jun 08 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, June 08, 2009: Bhutan that rejected the TATA nano, has now accepted the electric car that will obviously help keep the environment clean and reduce the carbon emission. The cars were introduced on the occasion of World Environment Day.

electric carThe car, prized at Nu 345,000 excluding tax, is costlier than Maruti Alto but is cheaper in terms of long term investment. It costs only 40-80 chettrums for every kilometer compared to Nu 5.3-6 per km in Maruti Alto.

The department of energy is set to use these cars for official purposes within the capital as part of its mission to reduce dependency on petroleum fuels. For a country like Bhutan where hydro energy is abundant, electric cars is a perfect match. 

REVA electric cars are small, compact, economical, and efficient with zero emission. It takes eight hours to fully charge consuming nine units of electricity and can run up to 80 km. It can carry load up to 227 kg.

However, the cars are not friendly with the hilly terrains of the country. The cars can climb only up to 18 degree slopes. 

REVA is manufactured by REVA Electric Car Company in Bangalore.