‘Resettlement has gained huge momentum’ (Resettlement)

Published on Nov 28 2008 // Main News

Kathmandu, November 28: Nepal Resettlement Program Manager for International Organisation for Migration (IOM), David Derthick, also the IOM Head of Sub-Office Damak has said the resettlement program for exiled Bhutanese is gaining huge momentum.

In an interview with Bhutan News Service (BNS), Derthick said where there is a refugee resettlement program, there will be attempts by some to infiltrate the registration process through substitutions or additions. Stating that repatriation remains a strong focus of the UNHCR and the Core Working Group countries, Derthick said such activities in this area were not as visible.

“Repatriation was the only focus for the past 17 years. There were 15 rounds of bi-lateral talks between Nepal and Bhutan regarding repatriation, but not one refugee repatriated as a result of these talks. Now, repatriation does not appear to be a feasible option for Bhutanese refugees in the near future. In contrast, resettlement has gained huge momentum over the past year”, added Derthick.

The full-text interview with Derthick will soon appear online at apfanews.com Bhutan News Service