Refugees arrested for forgery

Published on Oct 15 2009 // Main News

Five people including an a former camp secretary have been arrested for attempting to process non Bhutanese for the resettlement
The Police raided a hotel at Damak 11 and rounded up two refugees and three Nepali nationals  yesterday night. Those arrested refugees  include Deo Raj Pradhan,the former secretary of Beldangi II and Makar Bahadur Gurung of the same camp.
According to police, Makar Bahadur Gurung was making fake documents to process Rudra  Bahadur Gurung and Deependra Pradhan of Pakhrinbas 3, Dhankuta ,and Uttam Gurung of Kathmandu for their resettlement in a refugee quota.  The forgery was arranged by Deo Raj Pradhan.
The fraud is punishable with at least 10 years of imprisonment according to Muluki Ain(land act) of Nepal.
Arjun Pradhan