Ration supplier accused of contamination

Published on Nov 05 2008 // Main News

Beldangi-I, November 5: Exiled Bhutanese and camp management committee of Beldangi-I camp have accused of acute contamination in oil supplied by World Food Program (WFP).

The accusation appeared when distribution committee found a dead frog in the sealed oil container last week.

Til Chand Bhattarai , A/1 sub-sector head found a rotten frog while distributing ration to his sub-sector on October 27.
"I immediately notified Lok Bahadur Mongar, the incharge of distribution committee as soon as I found the frog", told Bhattarai.

A team from WFP investigated the situation yesterday, derailing the accusation from the public. It has instead questioned how had a frog entered into the sealed container. Bhutan News Service/Arjun Pradhan