PM roars again against corruption

Published on Apr 28 2009 // Main News

Thimphu, April 28, 2009: Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley roars for zero tolerance on corruption, but the country continues to see the increasing instances of corruption and malpractices. 

Prime Minister Jigmi Thiney

Prime Minister Jigmi Thiney

Pointing fingers at Anti Corruption Commission and Royal Audit Authority, he recently said, “I will not spare you at all even if they do.” But questions have been raised if he is actually acting so sternly on corruption. 

He even said government will terminate those proven to have engaged in corruption business but hinted at giving excuse for those who were charged of corruption in the past. He blamed private sector for rising corruption just because previous governments failed to act tough. 

His statement comes when the contractors in the country are opposing the new regulation promulgated by the government on contract business. The contracts have alleged the government of cutting their business.

For instance, a branch manager of the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) in Paro, Jigme Ugyen, pleaded guilty of issuing false receipt amounting to Nu 2.9 million and bargained for light punishment.