Parties fight for control over police force (Politics)

Published on Jan 16 2009 // Main News
Thimphu, January 16: The two parties in National Assembly reached near the boiling point on use of word ‘independence’ in Police bill, which is under discussion at the parliament. 
The DPT government denied given independent administration authority to the Royal Bhutan Police while opposition party strongly opposed the idea. Police chief Kipchu Namgyal just said he wants police force to remain uninfluenced by politics.
Government proposed that head of the law and order bureau of the ministry of home be included in the police service board (PSB). Currently, PSB has 10 senior police officers nominated by police chief. Further, home ministry proposed that PSB members are nominated by home minister in consultation with the police chief.
Till today, RBP is directly controlled by the King. The DPT government is making efforts to bring it under the control of government. 
The MPs also differ in their opinion on formation of an intelligence bureau under police force, some even suggesting the government to seek permission from the King. Bhutan News Service