One shot dead in Beldangi I (Breaking News)

Published on Apr 21 2009 // Main News

Breaking News Beldangi-I, April 21: An unidentified gunman fired four rounds of bullets and killed Shanti Ram Nepal, 56, of Beldangi-I camp, B-2/155 around 8:45 PM today.

Both, the camp secretary TB Gurung and the camp-based Armed Police Force (APF) confirmed the casualty this evening.

“There is no security for refugees in camps”, said Gurung, who accompanied Nepal’s wife and daughter as they were rushed to AMDA-Hospital.

According to the hospital source they have lost their consciousness as they could not tolerate the shooting.

Our correspondent Arjun Pradhan reported that the APF arrested two girls from the same camp for investigation.

The dead body is kept at the APF camp in Beldangi-I.