Non-Bhutanese proceeds process for resettlement

Published on Jun 08 2009 // Main News

An exiled woman has disclosed that a non-Bhutanese has become successful to proceed his process for third country resettlement up to cultural orientation classes, the last step before receiving the departure date. 

According to  Phul Maya Rai of Beldangi-II extension, Hira Shrestha of Kathmandu valley in Nepal, was pushed for getting the official ‘refugee identity card’ instead of her son Deo Bahadur, who was absent during the time the census was carried.

Phul Maya further claimed that the then camp secretary Manorath Khanal, who is now in Arizona State in USA under third country resettlement, had replaced her son with a Nepalese national while taking photo during the official census conducted by the UNHCR and Nepal government.

Phul Maya further claimed that despite her unwillingness to accept it, Khanal had given her 21,000 Nepalese currencies saying nothing would go wrong if allowed to replace Deo Bahadur with Hira Shrestha. 

According to Phul Maya, their resettlement process has been ahead for Canada and is awaiting the departure date.

Phul Maya further said that Shrestha has threatened her over telephone not to disclose the matter following escalating media highlights in Jhapa-based daily newspapers and FM radios.

“I urge the UNHCR and other concerned authorities for my safety and security in camps”, said Phul Maya, “I am innocent on this issue since Khanal had said nothing would go wrong even if my son Deo Bahadur arrive sometime during the resettlement process”.

Meanwhile, the refugee-camp based media group called Media Network – Bhutan (MNB) has urged the UNHCR for fair and free investigation on the issue.

A press statement issued by the General Executive of the network, Manorath Pokhrel, has further urged action against those involved in the forgery.

Responding to an e-mail inquiry of the BNS regarding if he was involved in the forgery, Khanal termed the incident as a baseless allegation.

“This is just to tarnish my image and reputation”, said Khanal, “I am ready to give any sort of clarification as and when needed if ever they feel I am Involved in this matter.”  

Khanal has further urged the government of Nepal, UNHCR, civil society members, journalists and fellow Bhutanese citizens to ask for clarification from Phul Maya regarding the matter and take stern action against her.