NFD-Bhutan asks for permanent task force

Published on Dec 24 2008 // Main News
Kathmandu, December 23: The chairman of the National Front for Democracy (NFD) Bhutan Balaraman Paudyal and its spokesperson Narad Adhikari yesterday submitted a memorandum to the Nepalese Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam.

NFD-Bhutan has urged the government of Nepal to form permanent task force comprising of senior politicians, intellectuals, civil society members, human right workers, media persons and Bhutanese political and human rights representatives in exile to do adequate homework on the Bhutanese issue.

"We also have asked the Minister to urge the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, core-group countries and International Organization for Migration to provide orientation prior to refugees choosing for third country resettlement", said Adhikari.

"We have requested for taking necessary corrective measures to curb all corruptions and irregularities and ensure transparency in the process of third country resettlement", added he.

According to Paudyal, a permanent task force is a must since there is no proper body to handle this long-standing imbroglio.

"When we visit the Home Minstry, we are asked to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and vice-versa", lamented Paudyal.

NFD-Bhutan also informed this reporter that the Home Minister has assured them of forwarding the paper to the Prime Minister for immediate actions.

From the very beginning of its formation in 2003, NFD-Bhutan has been demanding special considerations to grant political asylum for the exiled Bhutanese of humanitarian considerations who are opting for repatriation, in view of their personal security until they are repatriated or an amicable solution is traced to the problem. Bhutan News Service/Vidhyapati Mishra