New Bhutanese org in Californa

Published on Mar 07 2009 // Main News
By Tek Nath Mishra

California, March 6, 2009: California in United States who already has two Bhutanese organizations saw yet another as newly resettled joined with few already taking asylum to form another. 

The new organization named Bhutanese Community Support Organization in America (BASCO) is headed by Dick Chhetri. The organization claimed it adopted a policy of transparent ideas, debates and discussions among those who looked upon it in the spirit of unity, hope and optimism before the formation. 

BASCO said ongoing Volunteer Programs will continue as its important activity. A  BASCO Cultural Band is also constituted to illuminate cultural heritage, promote more interaction and entertainment. 

Talman Thapa has been named as Vice Chairperson, Phal Rai as Secretary and T. N. Nepal as Finance officer. Board of Directors included Nar Bahadur Tiwari, Prem Kumar Gurung, Lok Nath Bastola and Purna Mongar